Intro to Running

heavysideRunning Assessment

Welcome to our running assessment everyone!

In our clinic, we have come together and created a running screening to help improve your running. This assessment is for a variety of different people. It can be for people who have never run before and are looking at getting into running, experienced runners who are looking to improve their running, it can be used as a rehab tool for someone who has sustained an injury and is looking to start running again and it can also be used as an injury prevention tool to help minimise your risk of getting injured while running.


  • Beginner or start runners
  • Experienced runners
  • High performance – elite runners
  • Running injuries – overuse injury.
  • Exercise prescription – strengthening program

Our assessment consists of a number of different movements which we feel encapsulates the main elements of running and puts them into a number of different tests. We have included elements from the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and Y-Balance tests to really establish a benchmark for our running assessment, as we will include:

  • Dynamic Balance
  • Flexibility and mobility of the ankle, tibia, knee, hip and spine
  • Functional Movement Patterns
  • Motor control of the lower limb
  • Landing mechanism
  • Foot and ankle assessment
  • Strength testing of the ankle hip and knee

This assessment and testing give us a really good measure of where you’re at with your running by how you score which gives us the ability to cater a personalised exercise program in order to help optimise your performance and minimise your risk of injury. For example, if you are really flexible we won’t be giving you a stretch to help give you even more movement we will be looking at a way that we can make sure that you are supported throughout that range of movement with a strength or stability exercise.

We have broken the main elements of our running screening into a number of running series videos that are available on our YouTube channel so if you are interested please jump on our channel and check them out.