What is FMS?
The Functional Movement Screen is a proactive measure you can undertake to screen for any potential problems in your movement patterns that may lead to future injury.

It is not a system designed to treat pain or injury, but rather it helps to identify movement dysfunctions so that your physiotherapist can correct it before you develop any pain at all. Just as you let your doctor take your blood pressure as part of a routine check-up in an effort to avoid cardiac problems in your future, FMS can keep you moving better, longer. FMS has been at the forefront of injury prevention, and is used internationally in professional sporting organisations as part of their programs.

How FMS Works
Through a simple ranking and grading system, FMS identifies physical imbalances and weakness in all movement patterns crucial to normal function. The FMS is a combination of 7 tests that assess flexibility, core strength, balance and motor control. The test is out of a total of 21, however, research has found a cut-off score of 14 or below will place you at significantly higher risk of getting injured. We specialise in improving your FMS through training corrective exercises, with the goal of maximising your FMS score on discharge. Your score is also monitored by your physiotherapist throughout any subsequent sessions, tracking your progress and improvement as you work toward better movement.

Why Use FMS?
FMS will identify any problems with your movements and after the corrective exercises are applied, the benefits include:
• Injury Prevention
• Movement Pattern Restoration
• Strength and Conditioning
• Improved Balance

Physio Smart FMS™ Services

Individual Screening:
We include an FMS as part of our initial consultation and we then track your progress by performing the Screen in subsequent visits. Make an Appointment today and see how you score.

Sports Team Screening:
We have run group-screening sessions for football and netball teams. This enables us to track individuals and teams FMS scores as an indicator for injury risk. Furthermore, we provide tailored corrective exercise programs for the teams to help improve their movement patterns. Contact us today if you would like us to arrange a screening for your team or club.

Workplace screening:
Workplace Injury can be detrimental to both the business and individuals involved. We can screen employees to assess their risk of injury and provide strategies and programs to help reduce their chances of being injured at the workplace. Previously we have placed the emphasis on the environment, rather than the individual, now we can target both to ensure optimal safe practice. Contact us today if you would like us to arrange a screening for your workplace.

Workplace Education Sessions:
‘Sitting is the new smoking,’ is what current research is now indicating due to the long term affects of sitting. Find out why, and how we can prevent this in your workplace. Education plays a huge role in combatting these issues, and we offer onsite presentations to keep your staff informed of how they can change their daily routines to help create a positive, healthy and productive working environment. Contact us today if you would like us to arrange an Education session for your workplace.