Your movement journey starts here

What is MOTUM?

MOTUM is a unique program created by Physiotherapists and is unlike any other movement class. MOTUM classes are based on natural movement patterns and are designed on the fundamental movements we were born with such as postural transition, rolling, and crawling. The classes take your body through the primitive patterns we require to face the many challenges posed by mother nature. It begins with regaining mobility and flexibility through our body, muscles, and joints by mastering the art of movement on the ground and relearning muscle sequencing, activation, and motor control.

What will MOTUM do for me?

Reduce stress, tension, tightness, and pain in your body. Motum will give your body the movement nutrients it needs to remain healthy, and function at its optimal level. Feel confident to take on any challenges ahead.

Are these classes for me?

Whether you're at the start of your movement journey or a high-level athlete, these classes are for you. We grade your movement through our unique grading process to understand what level you are at and determine which classes are best suited to you.

About Our Classes


Foundations classes focus on mastering the fundamentals of movement. These classes cover the mobility, strength, and patterning requirements needed to take your movement to the next level. You will unlock the secrets to muscle activation, true core strength, and healthy moving joints.

Recommended for those who scored up to 22 on the Motum Grading.

movement 1.0

Let's move! You have the foundations down and now it's time to play. These classes will make your entire body move as a system, rather than its individual parts. Movement 1.0 is designed to push your body by having you explore challenging sequences and movement flows.

Recommended for those who scored 23+ on the Motum Grading.

About Your Motum Grading

We will grade your movement through our unique grading process that we have developed over years of working with all types of bodies, from those living in chronic pain to professional athletes. We've pieced together 8 fundamental movement categories that help us discover your body's abilities and limitations. We will know your level of movement inside out - what you can and can't do - so that your instructor can look after you and tailor the class specifically to your needs. We recommend that you do a re-grading every 4 months so that you can track your progress and reach your movement potential.


Still have questions?

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