At Physio Smart, we pride ourselves on treating the widest range of musculoskeletal injuries. The importance is to focus on what placed your body under the excessive pressure to cause an injury or pain response.

Examples of this are:

Hamstring injuries – could be related to spinal movement limitations, hip rotation issues, restriction of a hip flexor muscle on the opposite side, poor balance when leaning backwards.

Neck pain and headaches – may be due to weakness in shoulder strength, a twisted rib, running on a stiff ankle, weakness through the core/pelvis, an unresolved motor control issue from a whiplash injury many years ago.

Knee pain or ITB syndrome – could be related to a weakness in the hip, unresolved ankle injury, a knee turning inwards when squatting, a balance issue on the opposite leg.

Back Pain – may be a result of stiffness in the hips, poor shoulder motion, an upper neck rotation problem, the inability to do a push up, leaning forward when lunging.

Tennis elbow or carpel tunnel – could be due to poor mid back rotation movements, weakness of the neck muscles, a lack of shoulder strength, poor posture when sitting at the desk or computer.

Plantar Fasciitis – may be caused by a stiffness through the front of the ankle, a restriction through the lower back, the inability to touch your toes, foot turning out when squatting.

This explains the importance of having a full body functional assessment, as we check all parts of the body and often treat area’s that may not be painful in order to get the whole system working. Our expertise in assessing faulty movement patterns and hands on skills to find problem areas are key to finding a solution to your problem.