Coming to see us? Smart move.

Great work, you have taken the first step towards moving and feeling better!

Please contact us via one of the following methods:

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Please use the booking form below to book an appointment with one of our fantastic practitioners.


If you cannot find a time that suits you or simply prefer to talk to someone in person, our friendly reception staff are here to accommodate your needs. Call the clinic on (08) 8363 6370 .

Your First Visit

What you can expect

  • Meet your physiotherapist

    Firstly, you will be introduced to your Physiotherapist. We want you to feel as comfortable with us as possible and we think that a good introduction can help to reduce any anxiety or worry you might have.

  • You talk, we listen

    It is important that you have the time you need to explain why you’re visiting us in as much detail as you feel necessary. Your physiotherapist will listen, ask questions and take notes. It might take a little bit of time, but it is best to be thorough.

  • The investigation begins

    We kick things off with a detailed bio-mechanical and neurological investigation to identify exactly what you have injured or what is causing the pain you have described to us. We can also identify the extent of the injury. At this stage, we are able to recommend if any further investigation (including x-rays or other scans) is required.

  • Full Body Assessment

    The next step is to assess how your whole body is moving. From this Selective Functional Movement Assessment, we are able to more accurately identify the root cause of the pain or issue you have described to us.

  • Our diagnosis and plan of attack

    At this stage, our physiotherapist will be able to give you their diagnosis and will formulate a ‘plan of attack’ with you consisting of treatment options and a regime of corrective exercises that will aid your recovery and help improve the way your body is moving overall.