COVID-19 Update – March 26 2020


Our thoughts are with everybody in these crazy times! With the Government’s new restrictions we can appreciate the stress, anxiety and personal pressure this is placing on ALL OF US. It is crucial at times like this we look after each other, and especially keep ourselves healthy physically, mentally and emotionally. We wanted to keep you up to date with … Read More

Can I prevent an ACL injury?

Matt HeavysideInsights

A movement-based approach to ACL injury prevention. What exactly is an ACL injury? An Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury is one of the most commonly seen injuries in sport. The ACL extends from the lateral (outer) femoral condyle to the crest of the anterior medial (front and middle) aspect of the tibia. It helps to stabilise the knee joint through … Read More

Intro to Running

heavysideRunning Assessment

Welcome to our running assessment everyone! In our clinic, we have come together and created a running screening to help improve your running. This assessment is for a variety of different people. It can be for people who have never run before and are looking at getting into running, experienced runners who are looking to improve their running, it can … Read More

JESSY wins the SA Sports Star of The Year 2017


Not only is Jess an amazing athlete, she is so humble, an amazing physio and an integral part of our team here at Physio Smart. So we had to take a chance to celebrate her achievement and have a very down to earth interview that we squeezed in-between patients at the clinic. Enjoy 🙂

Tight Hamstrings or Poor Motor Control ?

heavysideCase Studies

A patient presented to our clinic that has been suffering from chronic right-sided hamstring injuries for the last 2 years. He is a footballer who had missed half of the last season and the beginning of this season due to his persistent hamstring pain. He has had ongoing episodes of his symptoms over the last 2 years and has sought … Read More

F45 Movement workshop Norwood

Matt HeavysideNews

We are excited to announce Physio Smart will be coming to F45 in Norwood to present a workshop on functional movement. When: DATE and TIME TBA Where: F45 Norwood. 217a The Parade, Norwood, SA, 5067, Australia This will explain how to maximize your body with its workouts and awaken those muscles you find hard to switch on. They will be … Read More

Functional Movement Assessment – The Missing Link


As a young physiotherapist I was often confused and frustrated when rehabilitating patients from their injuries, aches or pains. All too often I would see the same problem re-appear, which required me to provide ongoing treatment to give relief of their pain. I would be working on tight muscles, which would tighten back up, give hundreds of stretches and not … Read More