At Physio Smart, we pride ourselves on treating the widest range of musculoskeletal injuries.

Interestingly, we have come to recognise that as a team, we have a few 'Areas of Focus' that have organically emerged over time from seeing numerous patients presenting with similar symptoms.

  • Back Pain

    It is estimated that close to 80% of Australian’s will experience some form of Low Back Pain in their life. It is certainly the most common complaint we treat at the clinic and it affects people of all ages and lifestyles.

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  • Neck Pain/Headaches

    It is estimated that 50% of people will experience neck pain sometime during their lifetime. This statistic is growing as we as a general population are moving to a more sedentary lifestyle with an ever-growing percentage of jobs involving static postures such as sitting at desks.

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  • Knee pain

    Frequent knee pain affects approximately 25% of adults, limits function and mobility, and impairs quality of life. Additionally, it is the third most commonly reported musculoskeletal injury behind back and shoulder pain.

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  • Hip Pain

    Hip pain is very common, however tends to occur more in the young (0 to 15 years) and older population (> 45 years of age). A study conducted by Christmas et al. (2002) reported that 14.3% of participants aged 60 years and older reported significant hip pain on most days over a six-week period.

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  • Shoulder Pain

    Up to 67% of individuals will experience shoulder pain sometime during their lifetime. Shoulder pain is the second most commonly reported musculoskeletal injury behind back pain and places an enormous burden on the Australian healthcare system.

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Our approach to Physiotherapy means that we don't view "parts" of the body in isolation, rather we consider the whole body as a system. In this way, we can identify the root cause of an injury or pain response by considering all possible contributing factors. This describes the importance of having a full-body functional assessment. Our expertise in assessing movement patterns combined with our hands-on treatment skills are key to finding a solution to your unique situation.