Tahlia Wall, Physiotherapist
Tahlia Wall


Tahlia is a Physiotherapist who loves nothing more than to share her passion for movement with others. Tahlia understands what it’s like to have a body that doesn’t move well or serve you properly. Movement has changed her life. Participating in weekly Motum classes now allows her to surf, run and dabble in gymnastics pain-free! So join her to explore new and creative ways of moving and start your own journey to #movebetter!

A little more about Tahlia

Favourite food:
I love going out for an epic breakfast/brunch, but in winter I can’t go past a hearty vegetarian curry with chilli cheese naan.

Favourite café/restaurant:
New favourite weekend hot spots are Pipi at Middleton and Beaches in Port Elliot. If you’re ever down on the south coast pop in for a meal made with fresh local produce and good coffee.

Favourite way to stay active:
I have always loved playing team sports such as Touch Football and Netball, but more recently I have become a self confessed Yoga and Pilates addict. Riding my bike to these activities is my transport mode of choice.

AFL Team:
Die hard Adelaide Crows fan. Good to see the Adelaide Crows Women’s team dominating too!

Scotty James who is a young professional snowboarder with multiple world titles. He is constantly leading the way with new tricks in the halfpipe that people have never done before and it is very inspiring. He makes me want to snowboard all the time.

Best way to keep fit:
You have to find an activity that you truly enjoy doing and keep moving (it’s what our bodies were designed to do)!

Movement Tip:
Don’t underestimate the power of visual feedback! Taking photos/videos or doing functional movements in front of a mirror can really help to reinforce good patterning.