Nathan Rosenzweig, Physiotherapist


Nathan Started his career in his home region of the Riverland returning there soon after his graduation. After working in this region over the last 3 years, he has recently made the move back to Adelaide to further pursue his development and learning. Nathan has a particular interest in sporting and musculoskeletal injuries and takes a wholistic approach to his treatment, not only looking at the resultant issues that a person may be suffering from but also the cause of the issue. Nathan has completed a number of different courses after completing his physiotherapy degree which has equiped him with numerous ways to assist in the treatment of his patients with a wide variety of injuries.

A little more about Nathan

Favourite food:
Can’t go past a good burger. Absolutely loving the boutique burger bar craze at the moment.

Favourite café/restaurant:
No favourite café as yet but happy for any suggestions. I do enjoy Golden Boy and the Singapore House is also a personal favourite although haven’t explored the restaurant scene here to thoroughly yet.

Favourite way to stay active:
Water sports like skiing and knee boarding are the way I like to spend my summer weekends. I also enjoy volleyball and also love a weekend social spike ball game.

AFL Team:
I’m a Crows fan through and through, was quite a disappointing end to the year last year but keen to see them bounce back and have another crack this year.

I have always admired the great Roger Federer just an absolute gentleman on and off the tennis court and has stayed at the top of such a competitive game for so long.

Best way to keep fit:
Find a way of keeping active that you don’t find a chore. Make sure you enjoy it so it becomes a welcomed part of your daily/weekly routine and surround yourself with like minded enthusiastic people that are keen to participate. Make is social, make it fun!

Movement Tip:
Warm up dynamically before exercise and sport. Get moving, get warm, stop injuries.