Monika Czuprynski, Remedial Therapist

Remedial Massage Therapist

Monika Czuprynski is a disciplined and highly experienced Remedial Massage Therapist of 12 years. She received Osteopathic training later in her career and practiced Osteopathy in Canada for 7 years, specialising in physical rehabilitation. Her career has lent her years of experience working closely with Physiotherapists, making her a great fit for PhysioSmart.

A little more about Monika

Monika’s aim is to aid her patients in feeling pain free, moving better and understanding their body more than ever before. Her practice is results driven, with an emphasis assessing before every appointment, tracking progress with testing and providing measured, calculated treatments. Monika’s personable and easy going nature and knowledge of the body makes her a great teacher. She works very specifically while observing how someone is moving their body as a whole to ensure wholistic relief is reached, and that key areas of tension or dysfunction are being treated for faster recovery and results.

Her personal life is filled with adventures, having traveled the world as a gymnast, photographer and teacher, her worldly experience has given her a great sense of empathy, tolerance and curiosity for people and the world. Her passion for physical activity remains as she focuses on body resistance training and mountain climbing.

Monika provides remedial deep tissue, neuromuscular, trigger point, myofascial release, sports, and pregnancy massage therapy. She has been a business owner for 5 years of a multi-disciplined, integrative wellness centre in Canada, called Reset Wellness, which lends to her appreciation for wholistic and integrated care. These days Monika is preparing for her future studies into Neurology and Physiotherapy, as well as establishing her new life and career in Adelaide.