Max Duncan, Physiotherapist


Max is a passionate and talented physio with a special interest in athletes and runners. Max has been the Athletics SA team physio since 2019, and has supported Jess Stenson though her journey to Commonwealth Games Gold in 2022.

Max firmly believes that our bodies are designed to move and be strong and having this ability allows us to fix painful problems and to live our healthiest life. Max loves moving his body with Running, Surfing, Golf and getting strong through as many movements as possible.

A little more about Max

Bachelor of Physiotherapy, 2015

Why Physio Smart?
We have such an amazing team who are all so dedicated to finding the most effective and fastest ways to help our patients get better and to stay healthy.

MOTUM Score. 37

Favourite Way To Move.
Motum and moving in the gym, exploring the movements where I can get stronger and more stable.
Movement goal. Regain a pistol squat on both legs. Rehabbing ACL to get back to all the movements I love.

Coffee Order.
Strong Flat White

Favourite Lunch.
Any Sando or Reuben

Percy – The best labradoodle ever

Ideal Weekend.
Max loves getting away camping with the family and exploring or surfing.