Max Duncan, Physiotherapist


Max is a very talented physiotherapist who is a great asset to the team. He has led the way utilizing his functional movement skills working multiple sporting teams to help patients excel in their fields. Max uses his dry needling skills and massage background to provide excellent hands on treatment. The combination of his functional assessment drives Max to help get to the source of peoples injuries. In his spare time he plays football and enjoys searching the south coast to find a surf spot all to himself.

A little more about Max

Favourite food:
Hard to beat breakfast and coffee, but fish tacos and any seafood tops the list.

Favourite café/restaurant:
The best coffee is at Hey Jupiter or Coffee Branch in the city. Golden Boy and Sabai café are my favourite places to stop for dinner.

Favourite way to stay active:
Surfing and football are the major ones. Spending a day surfing with mates is the best way to stay active and enjoy what our coastlines have to offer.

AFL Team:
I’m a tragic for the Demons… Next year is our year. Locally, the Goodwood Saints Football Club.

I loved watching Andrew McLeod play, being a left-footer I ran around the oval trying to kick goals from where he did. Julian Wilson and Mick Fanning are my favourite surfers, after watching a video of them I’m always itching to get in the water.

Best way to keep fit:
Find something you really enjoy or someone who has similar goals. Being engaged with what you are doing and having someone to help keep you motivated really helps me to keep working.

Movement Tip:
Going through a squat and a single leg deadlift (hip hinge) before football really helps me switch on and feel ready to go.