Amy Colbert, Physiotherapist
Amy Colbert


Amy’s ultimate goal is to help humans of all backgrounds to feel and move better in their body! She loves the close team dynamic shared by all who work at Physio Smart and is passionate about welcoming others into this environment with a cheerful energy!

She loves working with dancers thanks to her lifelong involvement in the sport of calisthenics. She knows what it takes to perform at the highest level and is experienced in managing the training load, injuries and issues that can arise. Amy has completed observational experience with the Australian Ballet and Queensland Ballet, and in 2023, was the Physiotherapist for the South Australian State Calisthenics team.

A little more about Amy


  • Foot & Ankle in Dance & Sport – Sue Mayes 2023
  • Unite Health Dancing Athlete Course 2021
  • Dry Needling Level 1
    Masters of Physiotherapy, 2018
  • Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science, 2016

Why Physio Smart?
It couldn’t be anywhere else, we truly have the best team and the most wonderful patients. It’s so special to work alongside a like-minded group of health professionals who all share one major common goal, to help others.

Favourite Way To Move.
Dancing (Calisthenics), running, cycling, swimming – anything that gets her out and into the sunshine.

Fav Food.
It’s a very solid tie between two front runners, fruitless hot cross buns and grapes

A very fluffy kitten called Mila

Obsessed With.
All things creative; cooking, drawing, building, making – Anything that sparks creativity and makes hours pass like seconds.