Amy Colbert, Physiotherapist
Amy Colbert


A little more about Amy

Favourite food:
100% without a doubt, sushi. Especially if it’s on a train (it’s just better)

Favourite café/restaurant:
I love Plant4 Bowden for a good dinner with heaps of options or Yeah Nah Yeah in Mitcham for the best brunches.

Favourite way to stay active:
Callisthenics has been my lifelong sport and is my favourite way to keep moving without feeling like ‘exercise’! You will also find me doing MOTUM, pilates, hikes, handstands and plenty of movement challenges!

AFL Team:
Unfortunately, I am the last person to ask about anything AFL related, I have no idea!

Simone Biles!! What a superstar – she is leading the way for female athletes to be more confident and proud of their abilities and achievements.

Best way to keep fit:
Getting a wide variety of exercise and movement throughout the week & creating a routine that includes important recovery days from higher intensity work!

Movement Tip:
Do what feels good for your body and do it often!
Oh, and always do your calf raises 🙂