Here at Physio Smart, we pride ourselves on going beyond the general physiotherapy approach. Our highly skilled team works on the entire body as a system, to help heal your pains and aches. Using the highest level of movement analysis, we connect movement patterns to musculoskeletal problems to ensure we get to the core of your problem. Rather than just fix the problem we want to stop it coming back for good. Our goal is to get your body functioning at its optimal level to achieve a high performance in your lifestyle.

Why are we different to regular physiotherapy?

Rather than just utilise local musculoskeletal assessment, we go further and use Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), movement pattern analysis (FMS), flexibility, strength, balance and motor control testing to provide us with a clear picture of how your body operates.

For example: if you suffer from spinal pain (e.g back or neck pain) there may be many contributing factors placing excessive strain on your spine. Traditional approaches look at the spine in detail to determine the local problem, which may be causing a pain response. We not only look at the spine, but at the way you move in your body in everyday life, from how you roll out of bed, get in and out of your car, squat to sit down, walk up and down stairs, twist and turn etc. If it is related to sport or athletic environment we will examine the movements related to the specific sporting code. Through this thorough examination process we gain an individual profile on your body and then get to work using the most up to date and advanced treatment techniques to help resolve the issues we find along the way. Furthermore we provide the support you need for a guided exercise program to improve the way you move.